BME staff

For scheduling requests, please contact the Director at

Office of Director

Carroll, Lindsay Administrative Specialist for Faculty Affairs
Ross 720 410-292-9696
Graham, Vikki Administrative Specialist to the Director
Wyman 410W 410-516-2039
Lance, Erika Administrator
Wyman 400W / Ross 720 410-516-5735
Swaney, Kristen Scientific Project Administrator
Wyman 418W 410-516-7185

Academic Programs

Bourne, Sam BME Master’s Program Manager
Wyman 290J 410-516-8482
Jancuk, Cathy BME Undergraduate Program Manager
Wyman 290G 410-516-5260
Lan, Hong BME PhD Program Manager
Traylor 406, Clark 118C 410-614-4280 (Ross)

Academic Support

Benassi, Tom Staff Engineer, Design Studio Manager
Clark 217A 410-387-3321
Browne, Chris Sr. Laboratory Coordinator
Clark 218 410-516-4252
Parson, Martin Facilities and Laboratory Coordinator
Clark 108 410-516-6716
Vo, Huy Staff Engineer, BME Micro Fabrication Lab
Clark 119 410-516-4048

Administrative Support

Anderson, Sarah Administrative Coordinator, Center for Computational Biology
Wyman 400W 410-516-7685
Biasucci, Kimberly Executive Administrative Coordinator, Center for Imaging Science
Clark 314E 410-516-9776
Bostic, MJ Sr. Administrative Coordinator, Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation
Carnegie 780 410-955-6378
Carstens, Diana Sr. Administrative Coordinator, CBID
Clark 208 410-516-8141
Hughes-Lukoski, Michelle Administrative Coordinator
Ross 720 410-955-3132
Klindienst, David Engagement Associate
Wyman 414W 443-531-9363
Spence, Gail BME Office Manager for Whiting School WSE
Wyman 400W 410-516-8120
Tarney, Sarah Communications Specialist
Wyman 417W 410-516-5484

Finance & HR

Butler, Lisa Sr. Grants & Contracts Analyst
Ross 719 410-955-3133
Chassereau, Shelby Budget Analyst
Wyman 419W 410-516-5692
Grant, Deon Sr. Grants & Contracts Analyst
Ross 719 410-614-8624
Jackson-Foy, Erika Budget Analyst
Wyman 419W 410-516-7177
Knieriem, Christina Financial Manager
Wyman 408W 410-516-7903
Lockard Wheeler, Heather Grants & Contracts Analyst
Wyman 419W 410-516-4400
Martin, Deborah Sr. Human Resources Coordinator
Wyman 411W 410-516-7186
Pearson, Tierra Sr. Grants & Contracts Analyst
Wyman 405W 410-516-4058
Santa, Michelle Budget Analyst
Wyman 419W
Scribner, Charles Sr. Financial Analyst
Ross 720 410-502-5928


Giuriceo, Ray Manager, Network & Computing Services
Wyman 406W 410-516-0757
Kolasny, Anthony IT Architect, Center for Imaging Science
Clark 305 410-516-4278
Stewart, Roger Systems Engineer

Technology Development

Montague, Chuck Industrial Liaison Associate
Wyman 411W 410-516-8122
Polsani, Aditya Industrial Liaison Associate
Rangos 270, Clark 208 410-502-0497

An emphasis on cooperation and excellence has led to open and reciprocally helpful relationships.