Training grants for PhD students

The Department of Biomedical Engineering supports some students through the following training grants. Click through to learn more.

Training Program for Computational Medicine

The Pre-Doctoral Training Program for Computational Medicine will prepare graduates to fill the growing need for researchers in both industry and academia. Trainees selected for the program will learn how to develop models of biological systems in health and disease, constrain these models using data collected from patients, and apply models to deliver improved diagnoses and therapies. Trainees will learn through a combination of focused coursework and dissertation research in the laboratories of program faculty.

Training Program for Hearing and Balance

The Training Program in Hearing and Balance provides research training to pre-doctoral and postdoctoral students in the Center for Hearing and Balance. Focus areas include neurophysiology, human and animal behavior, theoretical and computational biology, neuroanatomy, molecular physiology, and cellular physiologyminorities.

Biomedical Engineering Training Program

With 8 slots available for pre-doctoral training grants, the Bioengineering Training Grant Program offers selected students educational funding for the rigorous demands of Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering graduate program. The cornerstone of the BME program is the in-depth training of students in both life sciences and modern engineering, mathematics and computer science and in the conduct of original research leading to the doctoral dissertation.

Training Program in Neuroengineering

The NeuroEngineering Training Initiative at Johns Hopkins seeks to balance engineering, mathematics, and computer science with molecular, cellular, and systems neurosciences. The program leverages educational and research resources of both the engineering and medical schools.

The Neuroengineering Training Initiative is funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, (NIH Grant T32EB003383, Neuroengineering Training Grant).