PhD student achievements

April 7, 2015

PhD student Sohail Zahid receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Sohail Zahid, a PhD student in the Computational Cardiology Lab of Dr. Natalia Trayanova, has been selected to receive a 2015 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). The selection was based on Sohail’s demonstrated potential to contribute to strengthening the vitality of the US science and engineering enterprise.

Zahid will receive a monthly stipend of $34,000 for 2015-16 along with a $12,000 Cost of Education Allowance which will be paid to Johns Hopkins in lieu of all required tuition and fees for each of the three years. Learn more.

March 26, 2015

BME grad student Sue Kulason receives Fulbright Scholarship

Sue Kulason, a second year graduate student in the department of Biomedical Engineering, the Center Imaging Science and Institute for Computational Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, received the Fulbright Scholarship to travel to the Centre de mathématiques et de leurs applications (CMLA) at the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France.

Kulason will be working on a year-long neurodegenerative modeling project with Dr. Alain Trouvé’s lab. The goal of the project is to 1) measure the accuracy and sensitivity of methods used to detect changes in brain shape from high resolution MRI scans and 2) determine where atrophy occurs that explains the shape changes seen in Alzheimer’s Disease.

The study will focus on three areas of the brain that are most closely associated with Alzheimer’s Disease: hippocampus, amygdala, and entorhinal cortex. A new mechanistic cell layer model will be coupled with a sophisticated method to detect shape change in MRI (Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping) to investigate the mechanisms of atrophy in Alzheimer’s Disease.

March 12, 2015

Three BME graduate students awarded JHU ARCS Foundation Scholarship

The Department of Biomedical Engineering congratulates Sohail Zahid, Kunal Parikh, and Kristen Kozielski on their selection as recipients of the 2015-2016 Johns Hopkins ARCS Foundation Scholarship. The ARCS Foundation awards merit-based graduate scholarships to students majoring in engineering and the physical sciences whose work could result in a breakthrough technology or discovery with the potential to advance America’s global technological competitiveness. The $15,000 award may be used for education-related expenses such as tuition, books, supplies, travel to conferences, research activities as well as other needs.. Learn more.

March 4, 2015

BME graduate student David Herzfeld to be honored at Young Investigators’ Day

BME Professor Reza Shadmehr has announced that PhD candidate David Herzfeld will be given the Mette Strand Award for outstanding research in the School of Medicine at Young Investigators’ Day 2015. David’s area of study is Motor Control & Motor Learning. The 2015 Young Investigators’ Day ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 16th, 4–6 pm.

December 8, 2014

Christopher Douville awarded NRSA Fellowship

Christopher Douville, a fourth-year BME PhD student in the lab of Dr. Rachel Karchin, associate professor of Biomedical Engineering, has been awarded a National Research Service Award from the NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute. The award will support his project “Predicting Impact of Genetic Variation on Splicing,” which aims to substantially improve the ability to interpret the consequences of exonic mutations on pre-mRNA splicing, as the impact of genetic variation on splicing is not well understood. The fellowship will provide three years of support for Christopher’s research training.

September 26, 2014

BME grad students Iraj Hosseini, Joel Sunshine and Carmen Kut named 2015 Siebel Scholars

The Department of Biomedical Engineering congratulates graduate students Iraj Hosseini, Joel Sunshine and Carmen Kut, who have been named to the 2015 class of Siebel Scholars. The eighty-three 2015 Siebel Scholars are from prominent graduate schools around the world. Iraj, Joel and Carmen are three of the five Johns Hopkins University student who received this honor. Other Johns Hopkins awardees were Mustafa Ankarali, Mechanical Engineering; and Tuo Zhao, Computer Science. The merit-based Siebel program provides $35,000 to each student for use in his or her final year of graduate studies. View BME news article.

Iraj Hosseini, Iran  |   Mentor: Dr. Feilim Mac Gahbann
Thesis:   Multiplexed Component Analysis to Identify Genes Contributing to the Immune Response during Acute SIV Infection

Carmen Kut, Baltimore, MD  |   Mentor: Dr. Xingde Li
Thesis:   How Critical Is the Blood-Brain Barrier to the Development of Neurotherapeutics?

Joel Sunshine, Pikesville, MD  |   Mentor: Dr. Jordan Green
Thesis:   Biodegradable Nano- and Microparticles for Gene Delivery and Immune Activation

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July 22, 2014

AAPM awards research funding to BME postdoctoral fellow

Warren GraysonGrace Jianan Gang, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the I-STAR Lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, was awarded a $25,000 Research Seed Funding Grant for her proposal on task-based imaging at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) in Austin, Texas.

Grace’s work extends new methods for modeling image quality in CT in a way to directly incorporate the imaging task in the acquisition and reconstruction of 3D images, offering improvement in image quality and reduction in radiation dose. Grace works under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Siewerdsen.

BME PhD student Adam Wang wins Jack Fowler Junior Investigator Award from AAPM

Adam Wang, PhD, was presented with the Jack Fowler Junior Investigator Award at the a 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) for his talk entitled "Low-Dose C-Arm Cone-Beam CT with Model-Based Image Reconstruction for High-Quality Guidance of Neurosurgical Intervention."

Adam’s work brings novel 3D image reconstruction methods — which are now finding increased use in diagnostic radiology — into the operating room. His approach offers improved image quality and lower radiation dose to image-guided procedures. The advanced technique affords the ability to form such images with computation time — and is compatible with streamlined surgical workflows.

Adam’s approach combines parallel computation on GPU with accelerated optimization methods to create 3D images in as little as two minutes. By contrast, conventional methods require an hour or more.

Adam completed his postdoctoral fellowship in the I-STAR Lab at the Department of Biomedical Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Siewerdsen.

BME graduate student Carmen Kut receives NIH F30 Individual Fellowship Award

Congratulations to Carmen Kut, BME MD/PhD student, who has recently won the Ruth L. Kirschstein Individual National Research Service Award Fellowships for MD/PhD students (NIH F30). Carmen had an outstanding ranking percentile (3%). Her proposed research, "OCT to Distinguish between Tumor & Non-Tumor Tissue in Infiltrating Brain Cancer," is co-advised by Dr. Xingde Li (BME), Dr. Alfredo Quinone-Hinojosa (Neuro-Surgery), and Dr. Elliot McVeigh (BME).

July 21, 2014

Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery awards BME student prize for “Lightning Talk”

Daniel Tward, a BME PhD student, was recognized at the annual conference of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment organization (XSEDE14) for best presentation. Tward’s research, presented as a “Lightning Talk” was entitled “Computational Anatomy Gateway: Leveraging XSEDE Computational Resources for Shape Analysis.”

Computational Anatomy Gateway project contributors and support include Daniel Tward, Saurabh Jain, David Lee, Anthony Kolasny, Timothy Brown, Laurent Younes, and BME professors Tilak Ratnanather and Michael Miller.