PhD student achievements


May 18, 2015

ICM postdoc Hermenegild Arevalo wins Young Investigator Award at Boston scientific meeting

Hermenegild J. Arevalo, a postdoctoral Fellow in the Natalia Trayanova’s Computational Cardiology Laboratory, has won a 2015 Young Investigator Award at the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions in Boston. Arevalo was given this award for his clinical research, “Virtual Electrophysiological Study Improves Risk Prediction of Adverse Cardiac Events in Post-Infarction Patients.”

Trayanova commented: “This is a breathtaking achievement, in a meeting of 12,000 people. Hermenegild was first selected as one of the 6 finalist in the Young Investigator Award, which represent 1.6% of the submissions for the award. Hermenegild then delivered a perfect presentation with amazing slides. What is particularly astonishing is that he is the winner in the clinical category, based on our first translation of cardiac simulations to the clinic, using a cohort of 32 patients. I have never been more proud!”