PhD student achievements


April 21, 2015

BME MD-PhD John Issa honored with inaugural David Yue Award

John Issa, BME MD-PhD student, was awarded the inaugural David Yue Award at the 2015 Johns Hopkins Young Investigators Annual Celebration. For his research project, John mapped the auditory system in the brain to see which neurons in the brain lit up when an animal processed sounds from its environment. He set up a way to watch individual neurons fire in a mouse that was awake. The David Yue Award was named after his late mentor who passed away unexpectedly in December.

Said John of his mentor: “He was not only a great scientist and a passionate teacher, but also someone who cared immensely about his students and their success. . . . For that reason, there is some solace in receiving this award, knowing that no one was as happy and proud to see their students do well as David Yue.” John will graduate in May from the M.D.-Ph.D. program and will continue working on his research at Johns Hopkins in the lab of co-advisor Eric Young.