Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree requirements

  • Minimum of two consecutive semesters of registration as a full-time, resident graduate student
  • Successful passing of the Doctor of Philosophy Board Oral Examination
  • Dissertation approved by at least two readers and certified by them to be a significant contribution to knowledge and worthy of publication
  • Certification by the Program Director that all requirements have been fulfilled
  • Submission of a dissertation to the library that adheres to the Doctor of Philosophy Board Dissertation Guidelines.
  • The program may determine the allowable time to complete degree requirements but in no case may that time exceed 12 years. Any approved leave of absence would not count toward the 12 years.

Timeline for Degree Milestones

The Doctoral Board Oral (DBO) examination should be completed once classes are complete – typically around 12-18 months into the program, and no later than 24 months from matriculation. Within six months after passing the DBO, the student and advisor are expected to form a thesis committee and hold the first thesis committee meeting.

It is expected that students will meet annually with their thesis committees. Student, advisor, and committee members must complete and sign a Thesis Committee Meeting form that contains written feedback on the student’s progress.

If the student has not graduated by 72 months post-matriculation, meetings should be held semi-annually at which the program director or their designee must be present.

For more details view the BME PHD guidelines.