Ran Liu

Ran Liu, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

Office: Medical Sciences Building, Room B201


PhD, Tsinghua University (2005)
MS, Tsinghua University (2005)
BS,  Tianjin University (2000)

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the development of the biomedical microsystems. We seek to understand and use interesting characteristics of biomaterials as the bridge between MEMS and biomedicine. Our aim is to develop novel bio-integrated microsystems and new micromachining approaches through the combinations of the micro/nano materials and structures and biomaterials using for the applications of biomedical sensing, drug delivery, high-throughput drug screening and assisted reproduction.

  • BioMEMS
  • Flexible electronics
  • Microfluidic chip technology for medical application


Shinying Lau, Jie Fei, Haoran Liua, Weixing Chen, Ran Liu*, Multilayered pyramidal dissolving microneedle patches with flexible pedestals for improving effective drug delivery, Journal of Controlled Release,265,113-119,2017.

Ran Liu*, Mingtian Zhang, Cuiyun Jin. In vivo and in situ imaging of controlled-release dissolving silk microneedles into the skin by optical coherence, Journal of Biophotonics, 1:1-8, 2016.

Jie Fei, Ran Liu*, Drug-laden 3D biodegradable label using QR code for anti-counterfeiting of drugs, Materials Science and Engineering C, 63: 657-662, 2016.

Ran Liu*, Xueyao Yang, Jincui Yun, Jingjing Fu, Weixing Chen, Jing Liu. Development of three-dimension microelectrode array for bioelectric measurement using the liquidmetal-micromolding technique, Applied Physics Letters, 103, 193701, 2013.

Ran Liu*, Fengjuan Song, Cuiyun Jin, Jing Liu. Nanoparticle enhanced electrical impedance detection and its potential significance in image tomography, International Journal of Nanomedicine, 8:33-38, 2013.