Qin Bian

Qin Bian, PhD

Research Associate

Office: MRB 660
Lab: Cahan Lab


PhD, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2009
BS, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2003

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Selected Publications

Bian Q, Ma L, Jain A, Crane JL, Kebaish K, Wan M, Sponseller PD, Séguin CA. Riley LH, Wang Y, Cao X. Mechanosignaling activation of TGFβ maintains intervertebral disc homeostasis. Bone Res. 2017, 5:17008.

Bian Q, Cahan P. Computational tools for stem cell biology. Trends Biotechnol2016, 34(12):993-1009.

Bian Q, Jain A, Xu X, Kebaish K, Crane JL, Zhang Z, Wan M, Ma L, Riley LH, Sponseller PD, Guo XE, Lu WW, Wang Y, Cao X. Excessive activation of TGFβ by spinal instability causes vertebral endplate sclerosis. Sci Rep2016, 6: 27093.

Liu SF, Huang JH, Wang J, Zhao YJ, Lu S, *Wang YJ, *Bian Q. Er-Xian Decoction stimulates osteoblastic differentiation of bone mesenchymal stem cells in ovariectomized mice and its gene profile analysis. Stem Cells Int2016, 2016:4079210.

Yang Z, Huang JH, Liu SF, Zhao YJ, Shen zy, *Wang YJ, *Bian Q. The osteoprotective effect of psoralen in ovariectomy-induced osteoporotic rats via stimulating the osteoblastic differentiation from bone mesenchymal stem cells.Menopause. 2012,19(10),1040-1048.