Liu Peng, PhD

Peng Liu, PhD

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

Office: CBIR, Room 216


PhD, Bioengineering, University of California at Berkeley (2009)
MS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Tsinghua University (2003)
BE, Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University (2000)
BE, Computer Technology and Application, Tsinghua University (2000)

Research Interests

Microfluidics, DNA sequencing, lab automation, point-of-care.

Since the inception of microfluidic technology in the 1990s, various miniaturized and integrated microsystems have been developed and are poised to advance analytical tools in scientific study, and will even change our daily lives. Aiming to bring the microfluidics from laboratories to practical applications, the research in my lab is focused on the development of integrated and miniaturized microfluidic systems for high-performance genetic analysis, cell analysis and laboratory automation. Currently, we have the following projects under development:

  • Fully integrated microsystems for targeted DNA sequencing for clinical diagnosis
  • Automated and portable microsystems for on-site forensic short tandem repeat analysis
  • Microfluidic tools for separation and analysis of specific cells, such as circulating tumor cells
  • Miniaturized and integrated cell screening platforms for targeted gene editing


Li, S., Gu, Y., Lyu, Y., Jiang, Y. and Liu, P.* Integrated graphene oxide purification-lateral flow test strips (iGOP-LFTS) for direct detection of PCR products with enhanced sensitivity and specificity. Analytical Chemistry 89, 12137-12144 (2017).

Gan, W., Gu, Y., Han, J., Li, C., Sun, J. and Liu, P.* Chitosan-modified filter paper for nucleic acid extraction and “in situ PCR” on a thermoplastic microchip. Analytical Chemistry 89, 3568−3575 (2017).

Bian, S., Zhou, Y., Hu, Y., Cheng, J., Chen, X.*, Xu, Y.* and Liu, P.* High-throughput in situ cell electroporation microsystem for parallel delivery of single guide RNAs into mammalian cells. Scientific Reports 7, 42512 (2017).

Zhang, P., Zhang, J., Bian, S., Chen, Z., Hu, Y., Hu, R., Li, J., Cheng, Y., Zhang, X., Zhou, Y., Chen, X.* and Liu, P.* High-throughput superhydrophobic microwell arrays for investigating multifactorial stem cell niches. Lab on a Chip 16, 2996-3006 (2016). (Inside front cover) Selected as 2016 Lab on a Chip Emerging Investigators.

Zhuang, B., Han, J., Xiang, G., Gan, W., Wang, S., Wang, D., Wang, L., Sun, J., Li, C. and Liu, P.* A fully integrated and automated microsystem for rapid pharmacogenetic typing of multiple warfarin-related single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Lab on a Chip 16, 86-95 (2016). (Inside front cover)