Maokun Li

Maokun Li, PhD

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

Office: Rohm Building, Room 9-103


PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois (2007)
MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois (2004)
BS, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University (2002)

Research Interests

Dr. Li’s research interest is in electromagnetic theory, especially on fast algorithms in computational electromagnetics, inverse scattering problems, and their applications to large-scale electromagnetic problems, electromagnetic compatibility analysis, geophysical explorations, biomedical imaging, and etc.

His group now is focusing on:

  • Novel system and algorithms in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
  • Multi-physics modeling and imaging algorithms for thorax imaging
  • Fast algorithms for modeling large-scale electromagnetic problems
  • Machine learning methods for electromagnetic modeling and inversion.

He is the instructor of the course “Numerical Methods for Electromagnetics”, which is designed for graduate students to learn numerical methods in computational electromagnetics including the finite element method, the method of moments, the fast multipole algorithm, and etc.

He is the member of IEEE, ACES, SIAM and SEG. He serves as an associate editor of Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society Journal and Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society Express Journal. He is also the reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Letters, Inverse Problems, Geophysics and etc.


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