Joel Bader, PhD


Office: Clark 201C
Lab: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Lab

Research Interests

  • Synthetic yeast: We are redesigning the yeast genome to reveal deep
    properties of evolution.
  • Algorithms to discover modules in networks.
  • Wiring diagrams for cells and organisms
  • Anchoring protein pathways with genetic screens
  • Evolution of biological networks
  • Whole genome association

Selected Publications

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Simone Gupta, Shannon E. Ellis, Foram N. Ashar, Anna Moes, Joel S. Bader, Jianan Zhan, Andrew B. West & Dan E. Arking. 2014. Transcriptome analysis reveals dysregulation of innate immune response genes and neuronal activity-dependent genes in autism. Nature Communications. Article 5748, 10 Dec 2014.

Huang H, Jedynak BM, Bader JS. 2007. Where Have All the Interactions Gone? Estimating the Coverage of Two-Hybrid Protein Interaction Maps. PLoS Comput Biol 3(11): e214.

Liu LA, Bader JS. 2007. Ab initio prediction of transcription factor binding sites. Pac. Symp. Biocomp. 12: 484–495.

Stuart LM, Boulais J, Charriere GM, Hennessy EJ, Brunet S, Jutras I, Goyette G, Rondeau C, Letarte S, Huang H, Ye P, Morales F, Kocks C, Bader JS, Desjardins M, Ezekowitz RA. A systems biology analysis of the Drosophila phagosome. Nature. 2007 Jan 4;445(7123):95–101. Epub 2006 Dec 6. PMID: 17151602