Cheng Jing, PhD

Jing Cheng, PhD

Professor, Tsinghua University

Office: Medical Sciences Building, Room C206


PhD, University of Strathclyde (1992)
BEng, Electrical Engineering, Tongji University (1983)

Research Interests

As one of the best universities in China, Tsinghua is devoting itself to cultivate academic leaders in every possible field. Interest is the most important driving force in scientific discovery. After years of exploration, I’ve derived my own way in training students. It’s just like a swimming training class. Normally I will ask my new students to start their laboratory life without guidance for a couple of months, and most often they will drown. I’ll then pull them out, discuss their personal interest, make necessary changes in their study, and share with them experimental skills and also the appropriate learning methodologies. In this way, the students can quickly identify their interest and manage to become a good swimmer in a relatively short time.

Besides doing scientific research, I also will spare my time to educate my students on basic knowledge in commercializing their technological innovations. I deeply believe that only when the students have had both the scientific knowledge and the business sense, they can find good jobs and do them well.

  • The design and development of biochips: Develop novel biochips including microarrays, microfluidics chips and lab-on-a-chip devices for mutation detection, gene expression, protein analysis, cell assay, etc.
  • Translational study in using chips for personalized medicine: Emphasize application of biochips for personalized medical applications in oncology, inherited diseases, infectious diseases, reproductive medicine etc.
  • The study of new detection methods: Interested in developing new labeling and label-less detection technologies.


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