Hui Zhang

Hui Zhang, PhD

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

Office: Medical Sciences Building, Room C247


PhD, Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2006)
MS, Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2000)
BA, University of Science and Technology of China (1997)

Research Interests

Dr. Hui Zhang’s researches focus on medical imaging, including positron emission tomography (PET) and x-ray computed tomography (CT). His lab carries out simulations from detectors to complete imaging systems using Monte Carlo based methods, designs and builds detectors, system electronics and prototype systems, develops data correction and image reconstruction algorithms as well as data analysis and visualization tools. He hopes the technology and tools that are developed can be of help to clinics in the process of translational medicine.

  • Imaging Physics, including PET, X-ray, and CT imaging
  • Instrumentation for medical imaging systems (detectors, high-speed electronics, etc.)
  • Tomographic image reconstruction and data analysis


Li Huo, Nan Li, Heyu Wu, Wenjia Zhu, Haiqun Xing, Jiantao Ba, Tong Wang, Fang Li, Hui Zhang*, Performance Evaluation of a New High-Sensitivity Time-of-Flight Clinical PET/CT System, EJNMMI Physics, in press

Mengdie Wang, Ning Guo, Guangshu Hu, George El Fakhri, Hui Zhang*, Quanzheng Li*. A novel approach to assess the treatment response using Gaussian random field in PET. Medical Physics, 2016, 43(2): 833-842.

Mengdie Wang, Guangshu Hu, Hui Zhang*. Performance comparison of dual-head PEM scanner by Monte Carlo simulation. Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A. 2014 (737C):5-10.

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Hui Zhang*, Qinan Bao, Nam T. Vu, Robert W. Silverman, Richard Taschereau, Brittany N. Berry-Pusey, Ali Douraghy, Fernando R. Rannou, David B. Stout and Arion F. Chatziioannou. Performance Evaluation of PETbox: a Low Cost Bench Top Preclinical PET Scanner. Molecular Imaging and Biology. 2011(13):949-961.