Guo Hua, PhD

Hua Guo, PhD

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

Office: CBIR, Room 107


PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University (2006)

Research Interests

  • MRI physics including novel sequence design and image reconstruction
  • Multi-parametric quantitative imaging and functional imaging
  • MRI liver imaging


Zijing Dong, Fuyixue Wang, Timothy G. Reese, Mary Kate Manhard, Berkin Bilgic, Lawrence L. Wald, Hua Guo, Kawin Setsompop, Tilted-CAIPI for Highly Accelerated Distortion-Free EPI with Point Spread Function (PSF) Encoding, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2018. Accepted.

Erpeng Dai, Zhe Zhang, Xiaodong Ma, Zijing Dong, Xuesong Li, Yuhui Xiong, Chun Yuan, and Hua Guo*, The Effects of Navigator Distortion and Noise Level on Interleaved EPI DWI Reconstruction: A Comparison between Image- and k-space-based Method, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2018. Accepted.

Yishi Wang, Yajie Wang, Zhe Zhang, Yuhui Xiong, Qiang Zhang, Chun Yuan, Hua Guo*Segmentation of Gray Matter, White Matter and CSF with Fluid and White Matter Suppression using MP2RAG, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2018. Accepted.

Zijing Dong, Fuyixue Wang, Xiaodong Ma, Zhe Zhang, Erpeng Dai, Chun Yuan, Hua Guo*, Interleaved EPI Diffusion Imaging using SPIRiT-based Reconstruction with Virtual Coil Compression, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, DOI: 10.1002/mrm.26768, 2017.

Xuesong Li, Xiaodong Ma, Lyu Li, Zhe Zhang, Xue Zhang, Yan Tong, Lihong Wang, Sen Song, Hua Guo*, Dual-TRACER: high resolution fMRI with constrained evolution reconstruction, NeuroImage, 2017, DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2017.02.087.