Guijin Wang

Guijin Wang, PhD

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

Office: Rohm Building, Room 6-207


PhD, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University (2003)
BS, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University (1998)

Research Interests

Artificial intelligence technology has made significant progress in analysis of image, speech, and text. With the continuous accumulation of biomedical data and urgent need for intelligent analysis, we believe that it will make breakthroughs in cardiovascular disease which threatens human health, based on analyzing electrocardiographs (ECGs) that play important roles in disease diagnosis.

Our lab explores patterns from large amount of ECGs through deep learning techniques, in order to acquire cardiologist-level performance for better clinical services. Currently our deep learning models have achieved better results in ECG segmentation, premature heart beats recognition and atrial fibrillation detection, etc. Through our cooperation with several hospitals, we have built an ECG database which will enhance the power of deep learning. In the future, we will seek opportunities to apply AI-based ECG diagnosis techniques in wearable devices.


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