Daniel Herzka, PhD

Assistant Professor

Office: Ross 726
Lab: Dynamic Imaging Laboratory


BS, Electrical Engineering, Cornell University
MS, PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

In the Dynamic Imaging Lab we strive to generate novel techniques for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the presence of motion, and to translate them from bench to bedside. There is a strong focus on the functions that display periodic motion (the cardiovascular system, joint kinematics), and aperiodic or irregular motion (neonatal/fetal imaging).

Current projects include 1) leveraging high-resolution 3D MRI in the field of electrophysiology; 2) using real-time low-latency image reconstruction for joint motion analysis; and 3) development of motion-compensation techniques for high-resolution imaging during breathing.

Our lab pursues advancement in all aspects of MRI — from gradient waveform design, to pulse sequence design, reconstruction algorithm development, and translation into clinic — and works directly with researcher physicians, and collaborates with industrial partners.

Selected Publications

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