Yuan Chun, PhD

Chun Yuan, PhD

Professor, Tsinghua University

Office: CBIR, Room 102


PhD, Medical Biophysics & Computing, University of Utah (1988)
BS, Physics, Beijing Normal University (1982)

Research Interests

Since last century, medical imaging has not only become a critical tool in the diagnosis of many diseases and injuries but also a tool to understand many basic biologic and functional features of humans, from cells to organs and from heart to brain functions. Imaging itself, developed in parallel with many specialty fields on engineering, especially electrical, computer, biomedical engineering, and material science, has become a futile ground for new technical development and advancement. I am interested in all aspects of imaging, from the engineering and physics basics to its eventual use in clinical and basic science research. I believe imaging’s role in future diagnosis and research will grow even future into cellular and molecular diagnosis and evaluation.

  • Cardiovascular MRI
  • High resolution MRI technique
  • MRI clinical research


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