BME Design Day 2020

Each year, students in our Design Team program vote for those who have displayed extraordinary leadership, project management, and technical skills. Below are the 2020 winners, along with a sample of what their classmates had to say. Congratulations to all!

Design Studio TA Award – Brielle Cenci

“Brielle can be best described as a student with quiet confidence who goes about her work without complaints. She always greets those she works with smiling and eager to accomplish the task at hand.”

Design Team TA Award – Disha Mankodi

“Disha has helped our Design Team in numerous ways. From going above and beyond in looking over to work, to consistently providing new and engaging ideas for our solution. Disha has gone above and beyond in her role as a TA and is a major reason why our Design Team was successful this semester.”

“Disha has been amazingly helpful to our team over the entire semester and always tries her best to answer all the questions we have. I really appreciated how informative she was with all her feedback, drawing upon her previous experiences to guide our project in the right direction. She keeps the team grounded with her kind words and solid advice, particularly in the fall semester when we were repeatedly pivoting on what our clinical problem should be and really had no idea where we wanted to go with the project. I’ll always be thankful for her agreeing to meet us at 9pm in Brody to figure out what we should propose as a project for Opportunity Week.”

Top Freshman, Technical Contribution – Gohta Aihara

“Gohta, to put it simply, is a prototyping rock star. From day 1 of joining our team, he has demonstrated a passion for the engineering and design aspects of our project. Outside of meeting time, he has worked tirelessly in the design studio, putting in hours of work at a time. I also applaud his commitment to learning new things, picking up technical skills such as CAD and 3D printing in the process. He has been instrumental to our design progress and I see no better person suited for this role.”

Top Freshman, Project Management – Justin Zhou and Anson Zhou (tie)

“Justin has been a HUGE contribution to the team. He’s willing to help with any task – when deciding who to send prototyping materials to after we went remote, he was the first to volunteer. He thinks about the project on a higher level even than I do sometimes, and is always aware of what needs to be done to push the project forward even when not directly told. Our team had a lack of business expertise/interest that he stepped up to fill, and he got us to a point where we even managed to place in JHU BPC!”

“Anson has contributed immensely to all aspects of the team, from ideation, to prototyping, to business. He has a deep high-level understanding of the program that is uncommon for freshmen (and even most upperclassmen), which helps him contribute to the team in many meaningful ways. He’s a natural leader whenever he’s working in groups. He takes initiative to arrange multiple meetings, follow-up with people, and ensure that everyone’s work gets done. He has a critical, insightful outlook that has been invaluable in identifying flaws and cautious next steps for the project. His curious, creative nature has helped us develop innovative ideas and move the project forward in unprecedented ways.”

Top Upperclassman, Technical Contribution – Tatiana Pereira

“Tati is the definition of outstanding technical contribution from an upperclassman. She led the prototyping subteam through the online transition, taught Gohta CAD, mentored Seby during the hands-on prototyping while we were still on-campus, guided the overall technical progression of our project, and ensured strong communication back to me and between the prototyping and testing subteams. Tati also deeply cares about this project; so much so, that multiple of our design aspects have come to her in her sleep. We wouldn’t have made half of the technical progress this year if it weren’t for her dedication, leadership, and mentorship.”

Top Upperclassman, Project Management – Shreya Sharma

“Shreya is a natural leader. During team meetings, she never hesitated to speak up and offer suggestions, and outside meetings, took natural control of our technical development and delegated tasks to team members. She will be continuing as team leader next year, and I believe she will do a fantastic job. She has always kept our project progress on track, and our team will be incredibly strong with her at the leader role next semester.”

Design Team Leader – Deborah Weidman and Siddharth Arun (tie)

“Deb is the epitome of the ideal design team leader. She has guided us through the entire design process, allowed us to take autonomy in our respective tasks, and in short, set us up for success for years to come. Due to her leadership, every single member of our team is extremely excited to continue this project moving forward. Of the many different reasons why Deb should win this award, one of them is her commitment to hearing the opinions of each and every one of her teammates. She constantly pushes us to be our best and I have no doubt that our team will only continue to progress under her leadership.”

“Sid has done an amazing job of directing the team this semester. His insights into the commercial and business aspects of the project have led us further than I thought we could go, especially given the current crisis. He goes above and beyond in all of our deliverable work, as well as in regulatory aspects. His attention to detail has led us to many funding opportunities that we would have otherwise missed and his attitude and leadership mentality have pushed the team to be our very best. I truly do not know where this design team would be without Sid, but I can guarantee you that it would be nowhere in comparison with where he has brought us. Thank you Sid!”