Student life

The close-knit family that forms the biomedical engineering program at Johns Hopkins creates a rare environment that encourages collaboration and collegiality. Both the Department and the University offer a broad range of social and cultural activities, recreational and athletic facilities and opportunities to exchange information and ideas.

And the city of Baltimore — well, the city of Baltimore and its surrounding areas comprise one of the quirkiest, most charming, historic, beautiful, refreshingly unpretentious and downright idiosyncratic communities in the country.

Sort of H.L. Mencken meets John Waters . . .

Think great museums, America’s first music conservatory, and crab cakes. You’ll find rolling green hills, a harbor filled with billowing sails, and the Ravens and Orioles at play on their field of dreams. There are vibrant neighborhoods, interesting restaurants and markets, and a new BioTech Park underway. There’s the National Aquarium, and an hour away, the nation’s capital with its vast cultural and educational resources. There is energy, optimism, and a vision for the future.

You’re going to love Bawlmer, hon.*

*(And you’ll have an opportunity to learn an entirely new vernacular.)