Baltimore and surrounding areas

A Vibrant Area — Rich in History and Culture

Baltimore has a population of about 621,000 but in the surrounding area there are about 2.7 million people. It is a major Atlantic port with a maritime history that goes back to the seventeenth century. Baltimore offers cultural opportunities, professional sports, outdoor activities and much more.

It is centrally located within the Mid-Atlantic region and within driving distance to the nation’s capital and other east coast cities, along with beautiful coastal beaches and scenic mountains. The waters Chesapeake Bay offer boating, fishing and other water-related activities.

The area experiences all four seasons. Spring and autumn are typically pleasantly warm. Temperatures in the winter months are kept moderate by the impact of the Chesapeake Bay and the mountains to the west. Snowfall totals average about 21 inches each year. Summers are typically humid with temperatures averaging around the mid- to upper 80’s.

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