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August 2, 2016

Alexandra Badiceanu awarded Gakenheimer Fellowship

Alexandra Badiceanu has been named the ICM (Institute for Computational Medicine) 2016-2017 Gakenheimer Fellow. Alexandra, a 2nd year graduate student, works under the guidance of Natalia Trayonova and is currently focusing on developing a novel integrative human HF myocyte model that will help explain arrhythmogenesis in HF patients.

The Gakenheimer Fellowship provides support to a student conducting heart research in developing and advancing diagnostic methods such as detection, classification and treatment of rhythm disorders.

As a recipient of this fellowship, Alexandra will receive this additional funding from Sept 2016 through June 2017 and will be invited to attend the Whiting School Fellowship Dinner in October, a celebration of the generosity of those who fund fellowships and the talented students who receive them.