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Hyun Sung Park wins BMES 2012 Design & Research Award

December 12, 2012

Hyun Sung Park Wins BMES 2012 Design & Research Award

Hyun Sung Park, a senior in the BME undergraduate program, was selected to receive the BMES 2012 Design & Research Award. BMES selects undergraduate award recipients on the basis of originality, significance, thoroughness of design analysis, and performance evaluation. Mr. Park was selected as a result of his extended abstract submission on the formation of Neuromuscular Junction on a Microfluidic Device. The award was presented at the BMES Town-Hall Meeting and Award Ceremony during the BMES 2012 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA, in late October 2012. Mr. Park received a certificate, a complimentary registration for the Annual Meeting and a $400 check.

Hyun Sung Park Wins BMES 2012 Design & Research AwardIn addition to his BMES award, Mr. Park was also the recipient of a Fall 2011 PURA award for research on the Formation of Neuromuscular Junctions using Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Motor Neurons in a Novel Compartmentalized Microfluidic Chamber. The JHU Provost's Undergraduate Research Awards Program provides students unique opportunities to conduct undergraduate research. PURA grants are awarded in amounts up to $2,500 to cover expenses. Dr. In-Hong Yang, Research Associate, BME SOM Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, served as Mr. Park”s Faculty Sponsor for both awards.

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