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Intensive research, design, and development, led the Aezon team to the current winning version of the tricorder prototype.

September 3, 2014

Student-designed tricorder diagnostics system selected as finalist in Qualcomm Xprize Challenge

This global competition challenges teams to develop a consumer-friendly, mobile device capable of diagnosing and interpreting 15 conditions along with digital capture of vital health metrics.  Read on.

Dr. Rene Vidal, Associate Professor

September 2, 2014

Dr. Rene Vidal receives NSF Big Data Award

The BIGDATA grant provides $600K for three years to support the development of theory and algorithms for automatically discovering multiple low-dimensional structures in high-dimensional data.  Read on.

Lymphatic Endothetial Cells

September 2, 2014

Johns Hopkins researchers discover that an FDA-approved HIV drug may be useful in treating breast cancer metastasis

Use of drugs previously approved for other diseases, such as HIV and rheumatoid arthritis, opens attractive possibilities for treating cancer patients — as repurposed or repositioned drugs promises significant savings in development time and resources.  Read on.

Dan Wu, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) 2014 International Predoctoral Fellow

August 28, 2014

BME graduate student Dan Wu awarded HHMI International student fellowship

The $43,000 annual award will support her research efforts to develop diffusion MRI methods to probe brain microstructural changes during brain development and injury.  Read on.

Volunteers in the research study were unable to view the joystick that controlled movement of a dot on a screen that they were asked to blindly maneuver.

August 26, 2014

Error memories enable improved performance and faster learning

A study reveals that the brain controls how much it is willing to learn from the current error based on a previously unknown form of memory: a memory of errors.  Read on.

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Biodegradable Particles to Bioengineer Target Cells from the Outside In and from the Inside Out

Mon., Sep. 22, 1:30 pm
Traylor 709, School of Medicine

Speaker: Jordan J. Green, PhD

Associate Professor, Dept.of Biomedical Engineering; Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Laboratory

Hosted by: Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff

Presentation will be VTC to Clark 110

View details

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