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Monday, Aug. 4 | Noon | Arellano Theater

Discovery and Optimization of Dynamic Treatment Regimes through Reinforcement Learning

Speaker: Joelle Pineau, PhD

Co-director, Reasoning and Learning Lab Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science McGill University

Host: Institute for Computational Medicine

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MRI brain images

July 24, 2014

Database of Pediatric MR Images Aids Diagnosis, Treatment

By building a “cloud database” of MR images collected from children with normal and abnormal brains, researchers aim to give physicians access to a Google-like search system that will improve the way pediatric brain disorders are diagnosed and treated.  Read on.

The student-designed injectable foam system fills the wound area and blocks blood loss in the critical first hour.

July 21, 2014

BME design team’s emergency blood loss prevention system receives approval for testing

The student-designed injectable foam system — presented at Design Day 2014 — fills the wound area and blocks blood loss in the critical first hour prior to receipt of more advanced medical help.  Read on.

Sodium and calcium ion channels share common roots

June 19, 2014

All in the family — sodium and calcium ion channels share common roots

Novel treatment strategies for arrhythmias, myotonias, and neurodegeneration provided by an ancient feedback module commonly shared between voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels.  Read on.

Cochlear implant app will supplement CI user training

June 12, 2014

BME student team develops auditory training app for cochlear implant users

Speech Banana app, now in beta testing, will expand and supplement cochlear implant training by allowing adult with CI to practice on their own.   Read on.

Natalia Trayanova

May 22, 2014

Improving cardiac ablation treatment with virtual heart mapping

Dr. Trayanova and team are exploring whether the patient’s virtual heart could be used to noninvasively determine the optimal ablation targets with a lot more accurately.  Read on.

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