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December 16, 2015

Andrew P. Feinberg, founder of cancer epigenetics, named Bloomberg Professor

Andrew P. FeinbergAndrew Feinberg , MD, MPH, has now joined the prestigious ranks of Bloomberg Distinguished Professors appointed across Johns Hopkins. The interdisciplinary professorships are created to galvanize people, resources, research, and educational opportunities to address major world problems. Dr. Feinberg holds positions in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine's departments of Medicine, Oncology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and the Bloomberg School's Department of Biostatistics, along with his appointment in Department of Biomedical Engineering, where he will be mentoring students and teaching an undergraduate course in epigenetics and epigenomics.

Feinberg directs the Center for Epigenetics, one of the leading research centers in the world. Cancer epigenetics has become one of the core areas of cancer research and therapy. Feinberg expanded beyond cancer research to create the first epigenome center in the country to develop tools to understand the role of epigenetics in all aspects of human disease.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering congratulates Dr. Feinberg on this esteemed appointment. Read the full article.